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Asymptotic Analysis of Recursive Functions —— Substitution Method

In my last post, I wrote some basic concepts about Asymptotic Analysis. However, how can we analyze the recursive functions? In fact, there 3 ways that we often can use.

Substitution Method

In some simple cases, we can use this method. Let's say we want to find out the upper bound of this recursive function:...

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Blog Application Upgraded


This blog post is just for the update record.

Why do I Update the Blog Application?

Actually the framework of this blog, LightPress, is far from having been finished developing. Some important features, such as SEO and analytics, hasn’t been implemented. Besides, I’m going to share something I learned...

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Influence of The Great Firewall of China on the Development and Appliance of Cloud Computing in China

Abstract: As brand new product of internet, cloud computing has brilliant practical and economic value. However, The Great Firewall of China has influenced on...

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